The Way Forward With PTSD With Curtis Solomon

In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host, Rush Witt, talks with Dr. Curtis Solomon. They dive into the hallmarks of the PTSD experience and key ways biblical counseling has been effective in helping those suffering from PTSD. They also touch on a fascinating historical perspective, discussing PTSD in the context of World War II and the lessons learned from that era.


1:50 – Welcome

3:28 – Can you give a brief overview of the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC) and your role in it?

10:03 – Where did your interest in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) begin?

17:16 – What are some of the hallmarks of the PTS experience?

24:57 – Does PTS usually result from physical trauma?

32:05 – How do you help a person see a difference between hardship and trauma?

37:28 – What are the key ways you’ve seen biblical counseling help people suffering with PTS?

47:37 – A final question about PTSD and WWII

57:11 – Farewell

About Curtis Solomon:

Curtis Solomon, PhD, serves as the Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and Program Coordinator for Biblical Counseling at Boyce College. He holds a BA from The Master’s University, an MDiv, ThM, and PhD from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Have Hurt through Pornography and I Have PTSD: Reorienting after Trauma. He and his wife Jenny cofounded Solomon SoulCare. The Solomons and their two delightful sons live in Kentucky. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Seasons of Sorrow 1
Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Blog Posts by Curtis Solomon.
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