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The Way Forward With PTSD With Curtis Solomon

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In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host, Rush Witt, talks with Dr. Curtis Solomon. They dive into the hallmarks of the PTSD experience and key ways biblical counseling has been effective in helping those suffering from PTSD. They also touch on a fascinating historical perspective, discussing PTSD in the context of World War II and the lessons learned from that era. Timestamps: 1:50...

The Unexpected Blessing of Your Child’s Besetting Sins

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Many years ago, when my kids were still toddlers, a seasoned father of six told me, “I’m thankful for my children’s besetting sins.” What?!? The thought exploded in my brain. How could you possibly be thankful for the sins your children struggle with over months, years, or maybe even a lifetime? He explained that as hard as it was to see his kids mess up repeatedly, he had seen the Lord use those...

Leveling Up Your Family Discipleship

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In this digital age, it can be difficult to keep kids’ attention, especially during family devotional time. However, kids have always loved asking questions, and they do like a challenge. Faith Builder Catechism: Devotions to Level Up Your Family Discipleship keeps kids attention with fifty-two questions and answers in a fun and interactive format to help them “level up” on biblical truth. This...

Fresh Daily Help in the Gospel with Jeremy Pierre

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In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host Rush Witt, sits down with Dr. Jeremy Pierre, Dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry, to talk about the daily help of the Gospel. They discuss the common misunderstandings of the Gospel and how taking small steps to make the gospel central to life offers freedom from pressures to perform for God and comfort during...

Extraordinary Purposes in Ordinary Work

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A friend who just lost his job sits across from you with tears in his eyes. “I know I have a purpose,” he says. “I need to know that what I do matters, that I’m doing what God wants me to do.” A young mom shares with her friends at playgroup, “I just wasn’t pre­pared for the drudgery of caring for a baby. I love her so much, but how do you cope with doing the same thing day after day on little or...

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