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In Pursuit of a “Boring” Testimony


Baptism testimonies are one of my favorite parts of church. I love hearing the variety of ways the Lord works the miracle of new birth in people’s hearts. But as a parent of five, I get a special thrill hearing the “boring” testimonies. You know the ones I mean? The testimonies that go something like this: “I grew up in a Christian home, felt sorry for my sin at the age of five and talked to my...

When Food is No Longer Just Food

Broken plate

Do you ever wish that you could just forget about food? What started as an innocent diet has turned into a monster. You eat too little. You eat too much. You restrict. You binge. It’s getting harder to cover up what you are doing. At first you tried exercise, then vomiting, then laxatives. Maybe you tried cutting too. Who would have thought that food—or the fear of it—would become the center of...

Turning the Hearts of Our Children Is God’s Job


Farmers work hard to prepare their soil for planting. They plow through the packed earth, pick out the large rocks, and throw down fertilizer. When the time is right, they plant their seeds. Then they wait. If the rain is insufficient, they irrigate their fields. Then they wait. They keep watch over their fields to keep out the livestock. Then they wait. They can plant and water, but only God can...

Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Psalms

Flower in snow

How do you worship when you’re depressed? Where do you find words to express inexpressible joy? What do you pray when you need hope? In Soul Anatomy: Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Psalms, George Robertson offers a biblical guide for working through emotional turmoil in a gospel-centered way. Each chapter examines an individual Psalm for deeper study of the themes of peace, joy, rest...

An Open Letter to a Distressed Sufferer

distressed wood

My dear friend, My heart breaks for you regarding the burden you shared with me last evening. I have known you for a long time and have witnessed how you have persevered through many trials. But this one—oh, how deeply grievous it is. I know your head is spinning and your emotions are all over the place. Surprise, grief, fear, confusion, anger, doubt—and yes, shaky hope, were all intermingled as...

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