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Seven Questions for Deepening Your Friendships

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Building meaningful friendships can be difficult, especially in a culture that is lonelier and more disconnected than ever. In Transformative Friendships: 7 Questions to Deepen Any Relationship, counselor Brad Hambrick encourages readers to develop new rhythms, habits, and lifestyles that will shape and grow their relationships, both with casual acquaintances and closer friends.   In...

The Gift of Compassion

a compassionate touch on the shoulder

When one of my daughters was three years old, our extended family gathered for a large reunion. At some point, my daughter had a mishap that ended in tears, and she was on the lookout for someone to comfort her. As she walked through a room of adults, Uncle John rescued her. He picked her up and said, “Sweetie, I am so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?” Compassion, of course, makes a...

What the Bible Says about Anxiety

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It is said that the Bible contains 365 verses addressing fear and anxiety, one for every day of the year. There are many things in life, big and small, that bring us worry—our jobs, money, illness, social situations, family, relationships, fears, and decisions. Anxiety affects all of us, young and old alike. However, God’s word is the ultimate source of comfort for a Christian. In this post, we...

Envisioning Spiritual Warfare as Paul Did

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As image-bearers of God, we all have an imaginative capacity. When we think about a coming event, we have a whole set of associations that help us envision what that will be like. Take, for example, when snow is predicted. Depending on your point of view, how you envision that event will vary. Some people envision a problem, a hassle—a struggle to shovel, to get the car out, to get to work...

Helping Children Discover the One True Treasure

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In The Treasure: Ancient Story Ever New of Jesus and His Church, best-selling children’s book author Marty Machowski helps families grow in knowing and loving God through reading the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts together. The Treasure takes young readers on an exciting biblical voyage to discover the treasure of God’s love revealed in Luke’s letters to Theophilus. While these New Testament...

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