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Helping Your Child with Lying

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Did you know that honesty and truth telling are part of living a blessed life (Psalm 34:12–13)? But we still lie. Why is that? Often it’s because we want to hide something. “I don’t want you to see this”—is the logic of most lies. Those who lie usually believe they have done something wrong; or they believe someone will be displeased with what they have done, or both. The wrong might be...

How to Care Well for Your New Counselee

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The person you are going to meet with may be older than you. Or younger than you. Perhaps they are from a different part of the country—or from another country. It may be a spouse in distress or a person who is contemplating a major life decision. Given the vast differences in people and situations, no single approach always applies the first time you sit down with someone to offer help. Even so...

Do You Ever Feel Rushed by the Beauty of Forgiveness?

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Admittedly, this question may have caught you off guard. But let’s walk into it. Forgiveness is beautiful. It makes for a great theme in movies or novels. Forgiveness is central to the gospel. We all need forgiveness and long to know that our faults will not define us. But it’s worth asking, what part of forgiveness is beautiful? The answer is, the last part. The early and middle parts of...

Insecurities, the Fear of People, Regrets, and Failure

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We all have voices that tell us we are never enough. If we measure up in school, we don’t in sports or attractiveness or anything else. We always have voices, around us and in us, that assure us we are, indeed, substandard—or average, which feels just as bad. Hiding, insecurity, not comfortable in our own skin, failure, feeling worthless or at least worth less than others, fears of rejection...

Does Jesus Want You to Work Through Your Story?

neon sign What is Your Story

“What’s Your Story?” “What was it like growing up?” “What were some important moments in your life?” “What did you learn during that season of life?” We hear these questions everywhere. You might hear such conversations at a coffee shop, college dorm, or in a counselor’s office, because we are intrigued by stories. Many people believe that our stories hold the key to big life questions like, “Who...

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