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Helping Kids Overcome Life’s Fears

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I can remember a scary coat rack that stood behind my bedroom door. During the daytime, it held a few coats and one of those brim-styled fedora hats I wore when I was eight. It wasn’t scary at all. But when the lights went out, the coat rack turned into a spy or monster or some other terrifying creature, and while my reason told me it was only a coat rack, my fears spoke louder than reason. Fear...

Preparing Children to Suffer Well

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Can anything be done to prevent someone from developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? While there is no vaccination against PTSD, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done to help protect our kids against some of the challenges that come after a traumatic experience. We don’t have to wait until trauma strikes to prepare the hearts of our children to face the most intense forms of...

Faith, Family, and Joy with Jared Kennedy

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In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host, Rush Witt, talks with Jared Kennedy about his ministry Gospel-Centered Family, his important work with The Gospel Coalition, and some of the key challenges every family faces to become disciple-makers at home. Jared shares helpful tools for your family, and what raising chickens in suburban Louisville taught him about parenting. Timestamps: 0:20...

When We Hurt Those Who Are Hurting

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People in the church often say foolish and hurtful words to those who are grieving. “If I were you  . . . ” “At least you still have . . . ” “Just pray/read your Bible/keep praising the Lord . . . ” “What is God trying to teach you?” Those last two don’t seem too bad. Prayer is good. But it’s the “just” that makes it difficult. Anytime we say “just,” we are consultants who are giving...

The Forgotten Fathers of Abortion

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My hands shook and my voice trembled the first time I shared my abortion testimony in public. God had done incredible work in my heart through his Word. This gave me the courage to share my most private sin with the people gathered for an evening service in my church. It was an opportunity to testify to the beautiful redemption the gospel of Jesus can bring to broken sinners. Yet, something else...

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