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Maintaining Christian Unity in a Polarized Time

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When I was still in seminary, I had the opportunity to preach in an old congregational church near Boston founded in the year 1642. It had a sanctuary that could seat 1,500 and a pulpit so high that its ascent required two sets of stairs. They even broadcast the service on television; all heady stuff for a seminarian. Or so I thought. The morning I preached there were approximately thirty people...

Martin Luther, Pastoral Counseling, and Mental Illness

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People are often surprised when they hear me connecting Martin Luther and ministry to those struggling with mental illness. Martin Luther and the Reformation? Yes. Martin Luther and pastoral ministry? Sure. Martin Luther and mental illness? Not so sure. Let’s take a look at the historic facts of Luther’s life and ministry to discover this connection. Luther’s Compassionate, Competent, and...

Locked In


Many years ago, I was listening to a talk on discipleship. I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was being said, but as I sat in the back row, a phrase kept coming to my mind.  “A garden locked is my sister, my bride, a spring locked, a fountain sealed.” Song of Songs 4:12 It was odd that I kept thinking about this phrase because the Song of Songs was a book of the Bible I rarely...

The New Milestone of Adolescence

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There’s a six-inch scar on top of my head. It looks like the laces on a football. Based on the recent acceleration of my receding hairline, you should be able to get a good glance over the next few years. I got the scar on Sunday afternoon, October 30, 1994. As a newly-licensed driver, with way more confidence than experience, I wanted to see if my ‘84 Accord could hit 100 mph. The speed...

A Health Crisis, a Financial Crisis, and a Spiritual Crisis

For the past several months, the attention of the world has been focused upon the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which tens of millions of people have been infected and hundreds of thousands have died. We pray that our political leaders will govern wisely and that doctors and scientists will be able to successfully stop the spread of this deadly disease. Yet it is not just our health...

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