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Ten Questions You Must Ask about Your Children’s Ministry

group of children sitting together

God has entrusted you with a precious stewardship of children in your church. For many years, these children grow up in your church community, listen to sermons, participate in Sunday school classes, and frolic through VBS. Are you doing the best you can for these kids? What does faithfulness look like in children’s ministry? Consider ten questions about building a healthy children’s ministry.  ...

A Biblical Vision for the Church as a Culture of Care

group in church Bible study

Cultures are built upon conventional wisdom formed by accepted values, shared beliefs, common practices, and prevailing goals. Different places in different times in history had distinct cultures that guided life on a day-to-day basis. As I have traveled, it is very apparent that there are differing values and practices than I was accustomed to growing up in the southeastern portion of the United...

What if I Realized I Didn’t Have to be Perfect in High School?

high school test score sheet with answers pencil

“This grade is going to be on your permanent record. Colleges will see this.” I remember that oft-repeated phrase that teachers reiterated, starting in the ninth grade. It created a sense of dread and anxiety deep in my gut with each pronouncement. I perceived that teachers were holding it over our heads, as if they held the key to the door of our futures. Prior to high school, we played after...

Warning: Christmas is Coming

advent calendar

Christmas decorations start going up in many stores in October or earlier, so how is it that many families get a late start with their Advent devotions? I think it’s precisely because Christmas decorations start going up so early. We roll our eyes and think, There’s plenty of time. But the fall is usually a busy school season. Before you know it, you find yourself paging through grocery store...

Making Sure Our Kids Know Why Life is Worth Living

teenagers supporting one another

In 2018, suicide was the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of ten and twenty-four, resulting in the loss of 6,807 lives in the US. An article in USA Today cites statistics that show that between 2006 and 2016, youth and teen suicide rates increased 70% for white youth and 77% for African American teens. Clearly, we are facing a crisis. An increasing number of teens...

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