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The Complicated Relationship Between Adult Children and Their Parents

complicated web of ropes

As a biblical counselor, one of my passions is to point my counselees to helpful biblical resources related to their struggles. Long after our one-on-one conversations are over, I want them to have tools in their hands for continued growth. An issue carries special urgency for me if I can’t find much written about the particular topic. More than once this lack of resources has motivated me to...

When Life Is a Roller Coaster—the Psalms Bring Sanity

roller coaster

A month ago, my father-in-law passed away after a long illness. Three weeks ago, I fell and broke my collar bone. Last week we spent at the beach enjoying our children and grands (Nineteen of us including three babies!). Sunday my husband tested positive for COVID, so now he and I are quarantined together and our whole extended family had to get tested. Monday was our second oldest son’s 36th...

Handling Our Differences Redemptively, Not Destructively

different substances joining together

Trying to wrap my head and heart around the divisiveness that has marked so much public discourse lately, I spent some valuable time pondering three messy relational scenarios described in the New Testament. Each situation highlights how we, who are perfectly loved by Jesus, don’t easily handle our differences very well. In fact, until Jesus returns and we are made perfect in love (1 John...

The Surprising Tree

large tree in a lush forest

In Genesis 2:9 we first hear about the tree of life. We don’t know too much about it, other than that it is the midst of the garden of Eden and that Adam and Eve are barred from it after the fall, lest they eat from it and live forever. The tree, now hopelessly out of reach, seems capable of bestowing eternal life. So from Genesis 3 onward, the tree of life is a symbol of what we’ve lost, an...

Marriage Is Built on Promises

Wedding rings sitting on top of wedding vows

One of the very first hymns I learned was called “Standing on the Promises.” Through its Sousa-like rhythmic drive, the hymn underscores the power and strength inherent in the promises of God. They provide a firm foundation to stand upon through any storm or calamity. They bind us to the Lord and embolden us to persevere throughout life’s difficulties. The following stanza illustrates this...

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