Exploring Our Seasons of Sorrow with Tim Challies

In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host Rush Witt, enjoys a conversation with pastor, author, and blogger, Tim Challies. They talk about Tim’s prolific work, his family, and the death of his son Nick, which Tim discusses in his book, Seasons of Sorrow. Tim’s faith and hope in God shine as a comfort and example to all of us.


1:35 – Intro

3:10 – Worship Around the World

7:30 – Tim Challies and Church Life

9:20 – Trusting God in the Death of Nick Challies

22:20 – How Seasons of Sorrow Helped Tim Challies Grieve and Hope in Christ

29:25 – How the Challies Family Stays Strong In Hope

33:00 – Tim Challies’ Broader Life and Interests

37:55 – Farewell

About Tim Challies:

Tim Challies is a pastor, noted speaker, author of numerous articles, and a pioneer in the Christian blogosphere. Tens of thousands of people visit Challies.com each day, making it one of the most widely read and recognized Christian blogs in the world. Tim is the author of several books, including, Seasons of SorrowVisual TheologyThe Next Story, and most recently, Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History. He and his family reside near Toronto, Ontario.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Blog Posts written bY Tim Challies.
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