Books to Transform the World with Daniel Henderson

In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host, Rush Witt, talks with Daniel Henderson about the importance of book translation around the world, and how churches and Christians can make a missional impact by supporting the translation of great Christian resources through publishing ministries like Publications Chrétiennes.


0:15 – Intro

1:25 – Daniel travels the world

5:35 – How do books become translated to reach the world?

16:15 – How did you and the publishing company become focused on biblical counseling?

18:35 – Foreign publishing impacts thousands of people

20:40 – What are the biggest needs in your work?

32:35 – Farewell

About Daniel Henderson:

Daniel Henderson is married to Judith and has two kids, Isabella and Martin. He is the Vice-President of Strategy for Publications Chrétiennes, a French publishing house based in Quebec, Canada. He serves alongside Desiring God to train publishers from around the world. Daniel is also serves on the board of the French Biblical Counseling Foundation and the counsel of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

When Children Experience Trauma
Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Angry with God Frontcover 54853
Acrostic of God Frontcover
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