Answers from the Bible for Counseling Problems with Andy McLean

In this episode of Straight to the Heart, our host Rush Witt, talks with Lifeway’s Bible Publisher Andy McLean. They discuss how Bibles are developed, published, and printed. And they give special attention to a new edition called the Life Counsel Bible, which contains numerous articles and other tools for life and counseling. This episode provides an encouraging reminder of the invaluable ways the Bible speaks into daily life.


1:30 – Intro

5:46 – What exactly is a Bible Publisher?

6:44 – The Amazing Process of Bible Development

13:10 – How and where are Bibles created before they reach our hands?

16:24 – Why do we have so many different Bibles?

22:22 – The Life Counsel Bible

27:20 – What Andy McLean Hears from Readers of the Life Counsel Bible

30:06 – Gratitude and Farewell

About Andy McLean:

Andy McLean serves as the Publisher for Bibles and Reference at B&H Publishing Group | Lifeway located in Brentwood, Tennessee. Andy has earned a MDiv and Th.M from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, an M.A. from Biola University, and is currently working towards the completion of a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen. He and his wife, Sarah, reside in middle Tennessee with their four boys.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

When Children Experience Trauma
Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Blog Posts written by Andy McLean.
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