A Redemptive Conversation about Race with Jerome Gay

Season Two of Straight to the Heart continues as our host, Rush Witt, sits down with author and Pastor Jerome Gay. Rush and Jerome talk about the challenges of ministry in our current culture, the important art of being winsome in conversation, and how pastors and Christians can productively engage others in discussion about difficult social topics like race.


0:20 – Intro

1:25 – There are many good things keeping Jerome busy in life and ministry.

3:50 – Jerome founded a ministry called the Urban Perspective.

6:25 – What has been your point of view on keeping the gospel central in our highly charged societal issues.

9:10 – How to be winsome in conversation with others?

17:00 – What are some ways individuals and churches can wisely engage in social issues?

25:55 – Jerome shares two helpful books he agreed with and two with which he disagreed.

28:00 – What would Jerome do with a $10 million inheritance?

31:05 – Farewell

About Jerome Gay:

Jerome Gay Jr. is the founding and teaching pastor of Vision Church in Raleigh, NC. He has a vision to see gospel-centered churches planted, disciples multiplied, missionaries unleashed, and theologically sound and culturally engaging leaders raised up and sent out to impact the world with The Gospel. He is the author of The Whitewashing of Christianity: A Hidden Past, A Hurtful Present, and A Hopeful Future, Renewal: Grace and Redemption in the Story of RuthChurch Hurt: Holding the Church Accountable and Helping Hurt People Heal, the children’s book, African Heroes, and the minibook, Talking to Your Children about Race. Jerome and his wife, Crystal, have two children.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

When Children Experience Trauma
Mobilizing Church Based Counseling Frontcover 85085
Blog Posts written by JEROME GAY.
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