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Welcome to “Straight to the Heart,” a podcast from New Growth Press hosted by Rush Witt. Each episode includes thought-provoking conversations with leading Christian writers and thinkers. We hear who they are, what they believe, how they approach their work and ministry, and the moments and people who have changed their lives. In “Straight to the Heart,” we go beyond the books to connect with the remarkable people behind them.

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New episodes release each Wednesday

Tim Challies

Exploring Our Seasons of Sorrow with Tim Challies

Andy McLean

Answers from the Bible for Counseling Problems with Andy McLean

Jackie Gibson

Caring for Grieving Mothers with Jackie Gibson

Jerome Gay

A Redemptive Conversation about Race with Jerome gay

Ed Welch

Fear, Anger, and Shame with Ed Welch


Daniel Henderson

books to transform the world with daniel henderson

Jared Kennedy

Faith, Family, and Joy with Jared Kennedy


Parenting the Teen Years with Kristen Hatton

Darby Strickland

Caring for Troubled Souls with Darby Strickland

Jared Wilson Headshot

Embracing Our Imperfections with Jared Wilson

Irene Sun

Meaningful Reading Moments with Irene Sun

Dan DeWitt

Exploring Truth, Beauty, and Goodness with Daniel DeWitt

Brad Hambrick photo

Helping Hurting People with Brad Hambrick

Champ Thornton Champ Thornton Photo

Nurturing Faith in the Family with Champ Thornton

Lainey Greer

Body Image and Wellness with Lainey Greer

Marty Machowski 1

Gospel-centered Kids with Marty Machowski

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